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Lauren Gunnels
Atlanta, GA

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Embracing the mantra that the world is our greatest classroom, Lauren believes that experiencing new places and new cultures broadens our perspective and our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Lauren believes that travel is a personal journey…that it recharges us; it connects us; it fuels our inspiration and our passion; it makes us better!

Lauren’s passion for travel began at an early age. She has lived on three different continents and traveled to dozens of countries. Lauren grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee and spent her summers exploring the coast of Maine. In 7th grade, she traveled to Japan to live with a family which not only further fueled her passion for travel, but stirred a new passion for Asia and travel to more exotic destinations. By the time she graduated from high school, Lauren had already visited nine different countries outside of North America.

Lauren earned her undergraduate degree from Georgetown University with a major in French and Asian Studies. While in college, Lauren lived in Avignon, France and traveled extensively around Europe. After graduating, she ran an internet publishing company and subsequently worked for an import/export company specializing in art and antiques from Asia and around the world and then at Bonhams & Butterfields Auction House (formerly Butterfields) in San Francisco before earning her law degree.

While in law school, Lauren lived and worked in Hong Kong, China, and she spent her personal time traveling solo across East and Southeast Asia. After a successful career practicing real estate law and civil and commercial litigation, Lauren decided to follow her life-long passion and make her personal pursuit her professional one as well. Sharing her infectious love of travel with clients from all over the United States, Lauren, her husband Damon, and their daughter Annabel live in Atlanta where Lauren runs Ortelius Travel Advisors as an independent affiliate of McCabe World Travel. As a Virtuoso Advisor and a specialist in adventure and exotic travel, multi-generational and family travel, Europe, and Asia, Lauren delves into the personal preferences, likes and dislikes of her clients to craft ideal, custom itineraries. Drawing on her extensive global network of elite travel professionals from hotel managers to local tour guides, Lauren uses her expertise and connections to provide accessibility to exclusive, authentic, extraordinary experiences, and exclusive benefits and amenities otherwise unavailable, to ensure that her clients can take advantage of the very best the travel industry has to offer.


As a busy mom, attorney, and business owner, Lauren understands that time is one of your most precious assets. Let Lauren alleviate stress, save you time and “Chart your Next Adventure.”