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Frances Sarrett


I grew up traveling with my family from a young age. I studied at UVA where I graduated with a degree in Italian and also took French. I studied abroad in Siena, Italy for a semester which was when I first made my own travel plans. In college I also traveled to São Paulo, Brazil on mission trips, which introduced me to a totally different kind of trip. After graduating I lived on Lake Como in Italy and worked for a Virtuoso on-site company there. Traveling with my family instilled in me an interest in other cultures and a desire to spend my life visiting new places.

Favorite part of a trip:

Trying the cuisine of a place. After traveling, my second love is great food, and I try authentic dishes wherever I go. Sampling local food is a big part of learning about a culture for me.

Most memorable trip:

Three generations of my family took an Alaskan cruise when I was 17 years old, and it will forever be one of the most memorable trips of my life. Staying in cabins close by, having dinner all together and going on excursions as a group made the trip a great family vacation, and of course the scenery in Alaska was unbeatable.

Favorite destination:

Italy. Perhaps I’m a bit biased having lived there for more than a year of my life, but I cannot get enough of the food, sights and interactions with the Italian people. I could go back a hundred times.

Favorite way to travel:

Cruises are my favorite way to travel because you get to visit so many different places in one trip, and some of my favorite travel memories are cruising with family and friends. I’ve experienced various cruise lines and ships, from small to huge, and in various destinations, from the Caribbean to Western Europe, and there’s something so great about seeing so many places while being able to return to the comfort of the ship at the end of each day.

Most recent trip:

My family and I traveled to Morocco where we visited Marrakech, Fes and Casablanca. Weaving through souks, visiting mosques and eating tajines, we immersed ourselves in the country’s rich culture. We stayed in riads and saw huge resorts and got to experience different areas with our great local guide.