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Kelsey Friedman

Favorite Destination:

I would have to say Egypt! About a year ago, my dad and I visited Cairo and Luxor in Egypt and it was fascinating. Seeing all the architecture of this ancient civilization that dated back to almost 5000 years ago was incredible. We also loved getting to experience the culture and food there. Italy is another favorite of mine, I have been to Florence, Rome, Venice, and hiked the Cinque Terre and I would go back in a heartbeat.

What is your favorite part of a trip?

Definitely the food. I personally feel the best way to experience a new culture is to experience their unique cuisine. Plus, I just love food. I also enjoy just walking around and exploring on my own. I’ve always thought the best way to learn a new place is by getting lost in it!

About Me:

My parents have always loved traveling so I have been traveling since before I can even remember. In addition to that, I got to spend two separate semesters traveling abroad in Europe through a program at my college, Virginia Tech, where I was also given the opportunity to live in Rwanda for three months. The best part is getting to come home and bother my family and friends with all my traveling stories; I love recommending places for people. I am always eager to travel to a new place and explore what else is out there!

Dream Destination:

I have always wanted to travel to Australia/ New Zealand!