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Allison Daube

What is your favorite destination?
My favorite destinations thus far are the U.S. Virgin Islands, specifically St. Thomas and St. John. My family and I typically rent a Jeep and drive all over St. John stopping at little boutique shops, dive restaurants and secluded beaches on the side of the road, or even hiking up hills on the island to get the
​​best ocean views. The spontaneity of the trip never gets old. We have found some of the best little beaches and spots simply by exploring, as well as some fabulous wildlife.

What is your favorite part of a trip?
The cuisine is always one of my favorite aspects of visiting a new place. I always vow to make sure that I try food I wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience at home. Sometimes the different types of cuisine that you find might surprise you!

About Me:
My love for traveling began at a young age by exploring various destinations with my family, extended family and friends. There’s something so rewarding about being able to experience other cultures and ways of life by immersing yourself in a destination, especially surrounded by those you love. I studied at Longwood University and am currently finishing my education at The University of Virginia. So far my specialties in travel vary throughout the Caribbean, but I hope to expand my experiences greatly in the next coming years!

Packing For:
​A cruise on Royal Caribbean and a quick hop over to London! ​