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Anita Becker, CTC, MCC
Bethesda, MD

Favorite Trip

My cruise to Antarctica was absolutely the most spectacular trip..floating in the sea, with nothing but white all around.. the icebergs were overwhelming.. the stillness was enchanting..  All the countries of the Orient are special.. Their existence between the wonders of their past, and their entrance to the the modern day life, makes their lives so special.From the Great Wall, to the soldiers of Xian, to bustiling Tokyo.. Be it Korea, or Indonesia or Thailand.. I find these cultures fascinating, and my favorite places to visit.


Favorite Mode of Transportation

Cruising is my favorite form of transportation. Without having to pack and unpack, cruising gives me the opportunity to see cities and towns around the world. And if someplace is especially enticing to me.. I have the opportunity to go back and visit, to delve even more into their life and culture.  River cruising is one of my favorites. This gives me the opportunity to visit interesting cities and towns along the rivers. All inclusive packages and fine cuisine enhance the journey. All leads to a cultural enrichment in ports as you travel on very special itineraries

Favorite Hobby

My favorite hobby is needlework. I can always find threads and yarns in small shops around the world, that I can stitch or knit into my artwork…giving me great memories of my travels with each completed project.