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Anjana Pringle

​I have spent most of my life traveling and enjoying new experiences. Having lived in eight different countries spanning five different continents I always look forward to my next adventure. I love the variety of people, food and culture that traveling brings as well as learning about history.

I grew up in Uganda, rich in traditions and customs it was difficult to leave behind when we moved to India but that was when I realized a whole new way of life. After finishing university in Baroda I flew to England​ ​settling for a while before jetting off again with a husband and children. I have since called Bangladesh, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya and now the ​ ​US home. ​ ​I have had the good fortune to travel widely from the driest savanna of the Serengeti to the stunning scenery of Alaska, taking in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the temples of Mynanmar along the way. Most recently, the family and I came back from St Lucia. Not only was it absolutely gorgeous but it was quality relaxing time with those we loved.

I have also been close up to some wonderful animals. I will never forget cuddling a husky puppy in the ​A​rctic, stroking a tiger in Thailand,​ ​watching whales and dolphins feed in the ocean and seeing turtles from a
glass bottomed boat. I have some fantastic memories of ​s​afaris seeing the lions, leopards and many other animals in the wild. I hope I will have many more ​ ​memories come.