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Anne Tasch
Ridgefield, CT

What place would you go back to a hundred times? Tuscany. I will never get tired of the amazing views, the food and wine, or the sunsets. Better than all of that are the people and the love of their country. It is a very special place.

What is your greatest indulgence when it comes to travel? Upgrading to first class. Whether its Delta One to Europe or a 45 min flight my time is worth every penny.  Its the experience of it that you remember: the very first thing or the very last thing you do on a trip.

Favorite Hobby: Showing American Saddlebred Horses. My daughter is the 5th generation in our family to ride and show at a national level. One may say t’s in our blood. You have a very special bond with the people you meet through a sport like that.

Favorite way of cruising: I have to say the River Cruises are my favorite. You feel like you are part of the cities and towns you travel through and stop in. Instead of miles of water, you see peoples, homes, and animals. I love that you can get on and off the boat easily. It’s like a floating hotel. You eat dinner, then you can get off and go to a local bar for a nightcap. Its a very “local” way to cruise.