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Ashley Barbic

Favorite Destination:

My favorite destination that I have traveled to thus far would have to be Turks & Caicos. T&C had been on my bucket list since high school and I jumped at the opportunity to travel there. The weather was warm and breezy, just as you would expect a Caribbean island to be. I still remember waking up each day and walking out to my patio and drinking coffee, looking at the ocean and taking a breath of the ocean air. I have always had a love for the water and beach and the peace it brings. The food and overall service on the island was unforgettable as people were happy, willing to tell you about the culture and life in T&C. One of my favorite things about travel is learning about the local life, so experiencing the food, drinks, hospitality and overall adventure on the island was very memorable. I cannot wait to take my husband back with me! Disney World is also one of my all-time favorites. Being able to pop on some Mickey ears and ride roller coasters with your favorite childhood characters all day is something that still excites me, even as an adult.


What is your favorite part of a trip?

The local feel for sure! Anywhere I visit I like to talk to the guides, our waiters, and tour guides. I love hearing how passionate they are about their culture and why they do what they do. My husband and I like to ask where there favorite places are and what their favorite restaurant is. The authenticity of the experience is extremely important to us. When we can, we like to rent bikes, dune buggies or some sort of water sport activity. Being spontaneous in each destination is what we love most.


About Me:

The idea of traveling the world has been with me since a young age. With so many destinations in this world, there is always something new to learn and places to explore. Traveling with my family and loved ones has always made me happiest. I love learning about new places and researching all the local activities to do! Traveling through the Caribbean has been wonderful, but I cannot wait to continue to grow my knowledge of new places! I have always been an artistic individual. Growing up, I was involved in numerous dance classes and competitions, art clubs, gymnastics, and anything artistic related that I could get my hands on. I started assisting with design and media projects around the office and it has transformed into a full-time roll for me at McCabe. Being able to show my creative side and love for design is a fun and exciting shift in my career. I am excited to be able to elevate what we offer at McCabe through design.