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Deborah Jett

 What are your favorite places you have visited? 

Italy: It is full of unexpectedly memorable moments, such as watching the sun set over the domes of the Eternal City from a rooftop restaurant in Rome. Ireland: Watching the seagulls soar on the over Cliffs of Moher.
South of France: Wandering through ancient cobble stone streets in cliff side villages commanding amazing views over the Mediterranean.
Costa Rica: An entire country dedicated to harmony with the environment and the simple life… “pura vida”.


What is the one place you could go back to a hundred times? Great Britain and Ireland – there are villages steeped in history and folklore, scenic byways that meander over hills and valleys, rainbows and ‘pots o’ gold’…
Best unplanned event while traveling? A volcano ash cloud which turned my two day site inspection trip to Paris into a leisurely week in  Paris with no deadlines!  I couldn’t have planned it better.
Just returned from:  Florence, Tuscany, Rome, and the Amalfi coast.
About me: To me traveling is about discovering a place for the first time, or rediscovering an old favorite. My  quest is finding a destination with history, countryside and villages, warm hospitality, and timeless beauty. Sharing travel with family and friends give moments that we will remember forever. Whether it is a celebratory event, or a multigenerational family vacation, each trip is an investment in memories.