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Janet Cugini
Burke, VA

Travel is so much more than taking a trip.  It’s a lesson in history and a taste of unfamiliar foods.  It’s an immersion into a foreign culture and new activity tried.  It’s an exploration of new areas or a return to a favorite place.  And most important, it’s quality time spent with family, friends, and loved ones.

Family travel is a particular passion for me and an area of travel I put a great focus on.  I understand the special requirements of traveling with children having done so with my now teenage girls since they were little.  From road trips across the United States to train trips across Italy; from cruises to Alaska and the Mediterranean to white water rafting in Costa Rica and a river cruise in Germany; from playing at Disney World to exploring Canada, I have a world of experience behind me.  Combining these experiences with our Virtuoso travel network allows me to plan the travel adventure of your dreams!