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Jen Mitchell
Naples, FL

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Jen began her career in travel in 2003 after graduating from Florida State University with a degree in Social Work. Having spent a year in Israel at the age of 16, she realized shortly after graduating that she had the travel bug and wanted to travel and explore the world professionally. So she took a position at a cruise-focused travel agency, and over the span of her ten years as a travel consultant, she has earned the industry’s highest designation as an Elite Cruise Counselor. Jen is proud of her position on the Saveur Travel Advisory in which she was appointed in 2012.  Additionally she has been named top 30 under 30 by Travel Agent Magazine.

Jen has gained intensive theoretical and practical experience in cruising. She has taken scores of classes, visited and sailed upon many ships as a prerequisite for this rank, and relishes in sharing her insights with travelers who are new to cruising as well as those who have literally sailed all around the world. “Cruising for me is a great way to see more in shorter periods of time,” says Jen. “My clients love that they only have to pack and unpack once and that, no matter where they are in the world, they can always come back to the ship for dinner and a comfortable night’s rest.”

New Zealand is among her favorite destinations, citing the “scenery, the people, the organic food, and the uber luxurious lodges” among its top draws. She’s inspired to travel to Africa after hearing stories and viewing pictures her clients take on safari. “They not only come back talking about the animals they saw, but the feelings it created inside of them that they will take with them always.”

A busy mom with two small children, Jen understands the intricacies of multi-generational travel, and is well suited to work with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. “I can create fantastic, customized itineraries for clients all over the world. With my background in Social Work, I have developed great skills in really pulling from my clients what they desire on their trips so I can make sure they come back very happy, whether it’s a World Cruise or a custom tour of Europe.”

Each year, Jen strives to broaden her horizons by traveling to new and exotic places she has never been, while also taking advantage of the cultural riches and amazing properties within the United States. Among her favorites are the Inn at Palmetto Bluff and The Cloister at Sea Island. “My husband and I recently took a trip to Twin Farms in Barnard Vermont. The food was amazing! It’s a perfect, private location to spend quality time reconnecting, without the kids. They even delivered room service that was set up so beautifully in our room. Although the girls are great travelers, and I’m looking forward to expanding their horizons through travel as they get older.”