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Wayne Muhlstein
Fairfax, VA

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What is your favorite place?

Cities! Could it be I was born and raised in New York? You never ask, “are we there yet,” because you have already arrived.

At an outdoor café in the Recoleta neighborhood in Buenos Aires, I sipped my espresso and thought “How could this have all been going on my whole life and I just now find out about it?!”

Buenos Aires has the energy of New York, the sensuality of Miami South Beach, and all wrapped with European brio!


Best purchase on travel?

Lesson learned from traveling the world: When on vacation and you see something you want. Buy it or you will regret it.

Lori (my wife) and I have bragging rights to cool eyewear from Budapest and Lori found a one-of-a-kind necklace at a boutique in the Marais. But the most awesome buy – my handcrafted leather luggage bag – truth be told, I had to make a special trip back to the store before heading to the airport, because…

best purchase

Something we don’t know about you.

I’ve lost 80 pounds and keeping it off for 28 years! The thought of asking for airline seat belt extenders and regularly leading Weight Watchers meetings keeps my weight maintenance in check.

I’ve traveled over 1 million miles and enjoyed memorable meals at every destination (we have the cook books for most). The opportunity to be part of your next travel experience is just a conversation away. Let me show you the world I love.