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Hannah Roth


BA from Virginia Tech, Major in English Literature with a minor in Fashion Marketing.  Semester spent studying abroad in Florence, Italy, studying International Business and Fashion History. Traveled extensively with family growing up – skiing, cruising, mostly adventure-focused trips (spelunking, white water rafting, and hiking in Costa Rica was a standout).

What are your favorite places you have ever visited? 

Cinque Terre on spring break during my semester of study abroad in Italy, Reykjavik, Iceland for a trade conference, Israel for a birthright trip that I extended to travel longer on my own, a life- changing India trip as my most recent adventure…and Paris in the Spring is always a winner!  New York City is my second home, and I try to take the train or bus up at least a couple times a year.

Best Purchase while Traveling:

I am a fashion nut and I love anything with a history or a story behind it. That being said, a tan resin chain necklace was my first investment jewelry purchase from Israel when I was 20…amazing vintage 80’s Valentino sunglasses I purchased from a store around the corner from my apartment in Florence…a delicate gold and silver tone watch from a flea market in London…a silver filigree and ceramic ring from the market in Tel Aviv (as well as amazing blue and pink printed pants from that same market purchased for 11 shekels or approximately $3.00 that I still wear to this day). My latest investment was a ruby and pearl vermeil necklace with a huge silver pendant of Ganesha (god of wisdom and remover of obstacles). The festival of Ganesha was actually going on in mid-September when I was visiting India, so I thought it was too perfect of a souvenir to pass up!

Favorite Mode of Transportation:

Running/walking. There is no better way to find off the beaten path places or meet interesting strangers than taking the path unknown (or un-walked). Also, I love being in motion, so planes, trains, boats, automobiles…all good. I don’t like being the driver though, so I probably wouldn’t want to rent a car unless I was traveling with someone else who would drive me!

Just returned from: 

India – 10 days, 6 cities (New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Johdpur, Mumbai)…lifechanging and beautiful.

 About Me:

I have always been an adventurer and a bit of a free spirit, but it wasn’t until I went on a birthright trip to Israel when I was 19 that my eyes were fully opened and I realized that if I could work in travel for the rest of my life, I would be fulfilled. I extended my trip to stay in Jerusalem with a family member, and while touring around on my own I felt a sense of freedom and ease like I had never felt before. Connecting with other cultures and peoples just feels so right to me, and appreciating juxtaposition of differences and similarities in all humans is something that I think makes travel so special. Travel expands horizons but also makes the world feel smaller and more comfortable. The network in the tourism industry is unmatched, and this field intersects architecture, history, fashion, design, politics, and humanities within a fast-paced and ever changing arena. The challenge is also the reward, and I am anxious to see what the future will hold, both on a personal and professional level.