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Natalie Dinkins

What is your favorite place you have visited?


My heart is in New Orleans. I have been traveling there since I was little because we have family in the area. My favorite aspect of Nola is the atmosphere. The French Quarter is always filled with music, art, and the delicious smell of Cajun food. All the restaurants and shops always have their windows and doors wide open. This city is so inviting and lively.


Best unplanned event while traveling?


The people you meet! I think one of the best parts of traveling is understanding the culture and people. The really unique aspect about traveling is how people connect through it. Not only do you connect with the people you are traveling with but the people you meet on the way!



I received my Bachelors of Science in Psychology at Radford University. I am currently in graduate school for Clinical Mental Health. My passion for travel started in High School. I went on a school trip to London and then France the year after. During these trips I developed an interest in the history and culture of a destination. That interest has quickly grown into a passion and now a career. I have found a way to merge my interest for the world and people by working at McCabe World Travel as a Travel Advisor.