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Tory Pentecost

About me:

I was a stay at home mom for 13 years, allowing me plenty of time to travel with my girls.  My background is in sales and marketing.  I worked in Los Angeles as a Brand Developer, my biggest success was the starting the Obey Clothing line.  I have travelled since I was young sailing in the Virgin Islands and doing an exchange program in France.  From chipping at the Berlin wall with my parents to solo travels on overnight trains in Russia and South East Asia, I love it all! I am a big fan of exotic locations and anything that has to do with diving and ship wrecks.

What is your favorite destination?

Difficult to answer as I feel every destination has given me a different perspective with which to view the world.  I will say that taking my girls to Cuba, Vietnam and Thailand has been one of my favorite trips thus far.  The best is when they form connections and spend meaningful time with kids who are from a completely different culture.

What do you love about travelling?

I love the connection I make with people and the fascinating experiences I can have.  I enjoy the research involved in the planning phase and being in a different natural surrounding that always reminds me what a small and precious beautiful planet we live on.  Seeing animals when I am travelling, whether at a sloth sanctuary, wildlife park or a local dog or cat always makes my heart sing.