Hong Kong at Night – Michelle Bemis

Hong Kong by daylight is thrilling, but Hong Kong at night is memorizing. First we walked along the Waterfront Promenade which is also Hong Kong’s walk of stars as we have in Hollywood. Since the Lunar New Year is approaching the buildings, always colorful are even more beautifully decorated. As you look out on the Harbour you can see the Star Ferries as well as the fishing and pleasure boats that are sailing.

Every evening Hong Kong puts on one of the biggest light shows in the world.  It is called a Symphony of Lights featuring decorative light and laser from 44 buildings across the Harbour.  To enjoy this I was able to cruise the Aqua Luna Junk in the Harbour seeing and hearing the performance.  

Temple Street is one of the liveliest places in Hong Kong at night.  It is a mixture of performers, fortune tellers, and stalls for food and goods.  This frenzy of light, color and crowds is worth the visit.

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