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CJ White

About me-

I have been on an incredible journey creating celebrations with unique experiences resulting in lifelong long memories for 20 plus years in travel.  In doing so, long term relationships have been formed and I am excited to say I began planning travel for my third generation this year with an engagement trip.  My personal passion for travel keeps me searching for that next adventure to share.  The question I get asked most is “What’s on your bucket list?”   This year the top on my list is Japan and the Patagonia region.


Travel & Lifestyles Top Agent Award 18 years

Pacesetter Mentorship Award


Destination Travel MSNBC on Mexico

Travel & Leisure Honor’s Travel Insiders

What is the most noticeable travel trend change?

My clients are requesting travel that is a perfect fit for who they are with a larger focus on unique cultural experiences designed especially for them.

Favorite Trip?

This is always difficult to answer but most memorable was Sydney, Australia with the Hunter Valley Wine region. Sydney is fresh, vibrant and exciting and Hunter Valley is extremely beautiful with its vineyards. Who knew Wallabies enjoy the moist vineyards to keep cool!  On this trip I was able to attend a Barbara Streisand concert in Sydney as well as a Shirley Bassey concert in Hunter Valley. Simply magical!

What are my clients most requested journeys?

Fully independent travel is becoming the most requested mode of travel whether you’re a solo adventurer, couple or a multi-generational family.

Luxury cruises continue to be the most popular, no surprises here.   Luxury cruising captures the essence of a bygone era and also attracting those who want more activity.  It’s all about the mode of transportation and personalized service topped off with beautiful locations to explore. I myself have enjoyed over 60 plus cruises and currently planning my next voyage.

Favorite hobby?

I love to cook for my family and friends. So wherever I travel I make sure there is a cooking class I can sign up for nearby. How else can you get familiar with a culture than by learning what nourishes their body and soul. I have meet some wonderful chefs and foodies along the way who share my passion.  As for my family and friends, they know there is a dinner party being planned on my return.

Greatest indulgence?

Spa days!  Everyone needs a tune up after a day of touring or golfing and what better way to get your body, soul and mind in sync for your next adventure.

Best unplanned event?

Hands down it has to be receiving complimentary tickets to the FC Bayern Munich against Manchester United game during Octoberfest!  This was my introduction to European football and certainly a lifelong memory had been made with such an exciting event.