Meet Our Team of Specialists - Virtuoso | McCabe World Travel
Damian McCabe - Meet Our Team of Specialists - Virtuoso | McCabe World Travel
Damian McCabe - Meet Our Team of Specialists - Virtuoso | McCabe World Travel
Damian McCabe - Meet Our Team of Specialists - Virtuoso | McCabe World Travel

I have two young adult daughters in whom I’ve instilled a love of travel; traveling as a family to 6 continents. They are now starting to take trips together and on their own. Travel is the very best education you can give to your children.

My husband and I love to cruise, it’s the easiest possible vacation to take. McCabe World Travel is a true representation of my love for the industry and what our agency provides for our clients.

Thank you for taking the time to be here. Now, let’s travel!

Damian McCabe - Meet Our Team of Specialists - Virtuoso | McCabe World Travel

Welcome to McCabe Online.

I have been in the travel industry for 33 years, 30 of them as an agency owner. My passion is Africa, I have been 20 times! I love the people, culture, animals, scenery, everything!

I have two young adult daughters in whom I’ve instilled a love of travel; traveling as a family to 6 continents. They are now starting to take trips together and on their own. Travel is the very best education you can give to your children. My husband and I love to cruise, it’s the easiest possible vacation to take. McCabe World Travel is a true representation of my love for the industry and what our agency provides for our clients.

Thank you for taking the time to be here. Now, let’s travel!

Meet Our Team - Damian McCabe, CEO

Damian McCabe


African Safaris, Multi-generational Family Vacations, and Small Ship Cruising.

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Damian founded McCabe World Travel, Inc. in 1988 on the principles of excellence in service and value. In the 29 years since, the company has enjoyed steady growth, primarily through client referrals, which speaks to the company’s ability to deliver as promised. McCabe World Travel enjoys a beautiful location in downtown McLean, Virginia.

Damian is most proud of her staff of amazing advisors, who have traveled all of the 7 continents and explored all of the corners of the world. Their passion for creating extraordinary trips for their clients is the company’s strongest asset.

Damian specializes in family travel with two young adult daughters who have caught the travel bug! She has a passion for creating trips where a family can spend time together learning, whether it is on a Disney cruise or an expedition ship in the Galapagos Islands or a safari in Africa.

Damian specializes in African Safaris, multi-generational family vacations, and small ship cruising.



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Meet Our Team - Karen White, Vice President, Finance and Operations

Karen White

Vice President, Finance and Operations

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Growing up an Army brat, I have been fortunate enough to live in Berlin, Germany (6 years) and Misawa, Japan (18 months). With my extensive travels abroad during this period, I had developed an insatiable desire to travel the world so I can experience its beauty, diverse culture, and exquisite cuisine and have passed this same love of travel on to my children.

I came to McCabe World Travel in 1997 with a degree in Finance. I manage the Accounting, Human Capital, Information Technology, and the day to day Operations of the Company.

Karen’s favorite travel quote:

We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.

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Meet Our Team - Katie McCormack Krinkie, CTA - Travel Specialist

Kathy Johns

Senior Director of Sales

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Kathy Johns is a 25-year veteran of the luxury travel industry with a comprehensive background in sales, marketing, and operations.  She thrives on sales and service strategy, growing revenue and service levels simultaneously.  As a sales leader she develops talent and teams through collaboration, innovation, and empowerment. 

Meet Our Team - Damian McCabe, CEO

Amanda Halacy

Senior Director of Strategy and Development

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Amanda was lucky to grow up around the travel industry and traveling with family. Much of her travel experiences have focused on exploring less-touristed and adventurous locations (65 countries and counting)! She has lived in Amman, Cape Town, and London, but now calls Denver home. Her professional background is in process/service design and she is responsible for all things digital strategy and processes at McCabe World Travel.

Travel Specialists

Meet Our Team - Birgit Navarre, CTC - Travel Specialist

Birgit Navarre, CTC

Europe, Independent Tours, Polynesia, Australia

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What is your favorite place you have visited?

The Taj Mahal in Agra/India, such a magical place!

Trip of a lifetime.

It is a tie between India and Egypt.

What is your greatest indulgence?

Flowers, I always have fresh flowers in my house.

What is the one place you could go back to a hundred times?

Italy, I love the beauty and energy.  It is all about the art, food, history and in general how passionate the Italians are.

Recent Travels:

Bali, Singapore, Hong Kong, cruising the Rhine River in Germany, Abu Dhabi, Oman

Bali, January 2014



Birgit Navarre is the best! Makes great recommendations and takes care of all the planning details. We had a dozen people traveling and she managed to get us a group table on New Years Eve in a very popular and busy resturant. She has booked many trips for us in the past and has already booked a few trips for us in the future. – Jan 2019

It usually is good to get home but this trip was so amazing, I hated for it to end. There were so many highlights! Greece was a great choice for our first big trip and it was so wonderful to be able to have the whole family together. I am still struggling to catch up and readjust to “reality”.
Everything went nearly flawlessly down to the last detail. You did an amazing job!!

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Meet Our Team - CJ White - Travel Specialist

CJ White

Milestone and Bucket List Adventures, Luxury Cruises, Multi-Generational and Family Travel, Italy and Western Europe, Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, South Pacific, Asia

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About me-

I have been on an incredible journey creating celebrations with unique experiences resulting in lifelong long memories for 20 plus years in travel.  In doing so, long term relationships have been formed and I am excited to say I began planning travel for my third generation this year with an engagement trip.  My personal passion for travel keeps me searching for that next adventure to share.  The question I get asked most is “What’s on your bucket list?”   This year the top on my list is Japan and the Patagonia region.


Travel & Lifestyles Top Agent Award 18 years

Pacesetter Mentorship Award


Destination Travel MSNBC on Mexico

Travel & Leisure Honor’s Travel Insiders

What is the most noticeable travel trend change?

My clients are requesting travel that is a perfect fit for who they are with a larger focus on unique cultural experiences designed especially for them.

Favorite Trip?

This is always difficult to answer but most memorable was Sydney, Australia with the Hunter Valley Wine region. Sydney is fresh, vibrant and exciting and Hunter Valley is extremely beautiful with its vineyards. Who knew Wallabies enjoy the moist vineyards to keep cool!  On this trip I was able to attend a Barbara Streisand concert in Sydney as well as a Shirley Bassey concert in Hunter Valley. Simply magical!

What are my clients most requested journeys?

Fully independent travel is becoming the most requested mode of travel whether you’re a solo adventurer, couple or a multi-generational family.

Luxury cruises continue to be the most popular, no surprises here.   Luxury cruising captures the essence of a bygone era and also attracting those who want more activity.  It’s all about the mode of transportation and personalized service topped off with beautiful locations to explore. I myself have enjoyed over 60 plus cruises and currently planning my next voyage.

Favorite hobby?

I love to cook for my family and friends. So wherever I travel I make sure there is a cooking class I can sign up for nearby. How else can you get familiar with a culture than by learning what nourishes their body and soul. I have meet some wonderful chefs and foodies along the way who share my passion.  As for my family and friends, they know there is a dinner party being planned on my return.

Greatest indulgence?

Spa days!  Everyone needs a tune up after a day of touring or golfing and what better way to get your body, soul and mind in sync for your next adventure.

Best unplanned event?

Hands down it has to be receiving complimentary tickets to the FC Bayern Munich against Manchester United game during Octoberfest!  This was my introduction to European football and certainly a lifelong memory had been made with such an exciting event.


CJ White was awesome. For the budget we gave him, there is no way for us to replicate the trip he provided for us. The hotel management loved him and by extension they gave us so many upgrades. Not just tangible items, they treated us like we were part of CJ’s family. The wife was concerned about travelling to another country, but CJ had someone there for us every step of the way. From early check in at the hotel, to tour guides showing up at our hotel lobby. Just a wonderful experience. I’m in the process of begging him to setup a Hawaii trip for my daughter’s high school graduation. – April 2019

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Meet Our Team - Daniela Flythe - Travel Specialist

Daniela Flythe

Western Europe, Family Travel, Honeymoons

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What is your favorite place you have visited?
I was able to spend 6 months in Bolivia when I was 14 years old. I was able to get to know the culture, people and language on a deeper level since I was there for an extended period of time. I created lots of great memories when I was there and therefore it will always have a special place in my heart.

What is your favorite hobby?
Planning my next travel adventure. While on  a trip I am already thinking about the next destination I want to visit.

What is your greatest indulgence?
My greatest indulgence has to be food. I love trying new things and getting ideas from different cultures on how to cook and bringing those ideas back home. I also love to go into local grocery stores and buy the typical candy of the region I am traveling in.

Favorite mode of transportation
I love to just wander around and get lost in a city on foot. In my experience it is the best way to get familiar and find hidden gems that you might not see when following a guide.

Most recent trip
I had the chance to travel to Tokyo, which was amazing. It was my first trip to Asia but definitely not my last. I was amazed by the cleanliness of the country as well as how organized, friendly and welcoming everybody was.

What is the one place you could go back to a hundred times?
That would have to be Germany. I left Germany when I was 19 to become an Au Pair in the US and have been here ever since. Needless to say since my entire family is still in Germany it will always be my first stop on every European trip. My favorite time to visit Germany is during Christmas time because of the Christmas Markets.



Daniela provided phenomenal service to us. She found a great deal on a gorgeous Kempinski hotel near Berchtesgaden where we stayed for two nights. Dani identified an affordable hotel near the center of Munich that enabled us to save $$$ on lodging while still having a quality place to stay. She was also extremely flexible. She significantly revised her initial itinerary when I clarified that our family wanted to do all of our own driving around Bavaria. Dani shared insights and recommendations several times on ways for us to maximize our vacation, from flight itineraries to a longer stay near Salzburg.

We will definitely work with Dani and McCabe World Travel again in the future because of the huge role she played in improving our trip. Thank you again, R.G.


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Meet Our Team - Deborah Jett - Travel Specialist

Deborah Jett

Independent tours, Family and multi-generational travel, Cruises, Italy, England, Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, Western Canada, Costa Rica, Spain, Caribbean, Mexico, France, Greece

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What are your favorite places you have visited? 

Italy: It is full of unexpectedly memorable moments, such as watching the sun set over the domes of the Eternal City from a rooftop restaurant in Rome.

Ireland: Watching the seagulls soar on the over Cliffs of Moher.

South of France: Wandering through ancient cobble stone streets in cliff side villages commanding amazing views over the Mediterranean.

Costa Rica: An entire country dedicated to harmony with the environment and the simple life… “pura vida”.

What is the one place you could go back to a hundred times? Great Britain and Ireland – there are villages steeped in history and folklore, scenic byways that meander over hills and valleys, rainbows and ‘pots o’ gold’…

Best unplanned event while traveling? A volcano ash cloud which turned my two day site inspection trip to Paris into a leisurely week in  Paris with no deadlines!  I couldn’t have planned it better.
Just returned from:  Florence, Tuscany, Rome, and the Amalfi coast.

About me: To me traveling is about discovering a place for the first time, or rediscovering an old favorite. My  quest is finding a destination with history, countryside and villages, warm hospitality, and timeless beauty. Sharing travel with family and friends give moments that we will remember forever. Whether it is a celebratory event, or a multi-generational family vacation, each trip is an investment in memories.

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Meet Our Team - Michelle Bemis, CTC - Travel Specialist

Michelle Bemis, CTC

Exotic Destinations, Certified Adventure, Africa, Spa & Mexico Specialist

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Best purchase while traveling?

When I was 16 I had the grand opportunity to tour Europe for 6 weeks—I bought a gold charm in every country I visited. I still make this purchase and now I have a necklace that allows me to relive each exciting adventure

What makes you proud?

Being recognized as a top agent in Virtuoso for VAST (Virtuoso Active and Specialty Travel) sales. I truly love assisting my clients satisfy their passion for exploration and discovery. Our Virtuoso partners help make all our client’s dreams come true.

What is your favorite mode of transportation?

Walking because it makes me part of this awesome planet where I can breathe the fresh air and scramble to new heights in rugged destinations where no cars can travel.

Recent travels:

LIONS in Africa. TIGERS in India. POLAR BEARS in Churchill, Canada.

CULTURE in Vietnam. MONASTERIES in Bhutan. ANTIQUITIES in China.

In addition to my love and experience with animals I want to share the culture of Southeast Asia and China that I have been able to visit and each year new places in Africa. Upcoming travels will take me to the Mediterranean to renew my knowledge of Greece, Turkey and Italy as well as to learn about Croatia.

Each year I escort the Naval Academy Class of 62 on a reunion cruise and it is so special to facilitate a group to have an amazing experience together.


For over 15 years, McCabe World Travel has been our primary source of travel information and bookings. Our favorite agent, Michelle Bemis, with the assistance of Damian McCabe has sent us all over the world from Ushuaia to Iceland to Istanbul to Sydney and many places in-between. They send us on the best cruise lines and the top-notch hotels. They have always had terrific suggestions for where we want to go and prompt responses to our many questions. Working with them takes the hassle out of our trips. – Bill and Pat – April 2015

We have been using the exceptional services of McCabe’s adventure travel expert, Michelle Bemis, for over 10 years. Her understanding of our requirements, coupled with an unmatched grasp of worldwide travel opportunities, and consistent attention to detail, have allowed us to focus on the overall travel experience, not the logistics of the trip. When required, she brings to bear skilled and well connected travel partners who share her extremely high level of dedication and professionalism. We simply would not consider working with anyone other than Michelle. – Judith and Ken – April 2015

We have worked with Michelle Bemis and McCabe for more than two decades, booking trips each of those years. Most recently, Michelle and McCabe, collaborating with a European partner, booked us a very high-end trip to Spain to celebrate a major life event. Michelle worked with us to customize a wonderful trip that met our objectives and obtained several nice perks to top it up. On another recent occasion, Michelle helped us put together a different European trip – fights, hotels, and other elements – quite literally in 36 hours.

Michelle always listens carefully to our desires and works hard to make them part of the trip. She provides honest and valued advice on hotels, resorts, pricing and other matters. Very important to us, Michelle and her team respond almost instantly to requests and questions, both before and during trips – and when she cannot answer right away, she always lets us know that she has received our request and has someone working on it.

We hope to continue to work with Michelle and McCabe for years to come.

703-762-5049 office

Meet Our Team - Katie McCormack Krinkie, CTA - Travel Specialist

Katie McCormack Krinkie, CTA

Italy and Western Europe, Cruising, Family Travel

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My dreams of amazing adventures motivated me to pursue a career in the travel industry which started at a European river cruise company.  The desire to share a broader array of travel experiences around the world motivated me to move into a role as a travel advisor with McCabe World Travel. 

I take great care with creating customized vacation experiences, depending on an individual’s interests, while anticipating needs and providing exceptional customer service.  With over 20 years in the travel industry, I have developed keen attention to detail when planning itineraries. 

I feel fortunate to integrate my passion for travel while enjoying food and wine of the regions which showcases unique insight and the opportunity to truly appreciate a culture. I am particularly enthusiastic about destinations where the wildlife and the wine county meet, such as Australia, New Zealand, and Africa.  I also enjoy exotic locations throughout South Pacific and classic places throughout Europe. Getting to know my clients and creating special moments that turn into lasting memories encourages my success. 

What Makes You Proud?

Working with repeat clients over time on many trips and receiving referrals.  I love getting to know my clients and growing their world.  There is no greater compliment than my clients referring me to their friends and family.

What is a place you would go back to a hundred times?

Fortunately, I now live in Sonoma County and can enjoy the bounties of wine country without having to consider California for this question.  There are a few places that I feel will always be alluring and can have such a wide variety of experiences at, including New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, and Greece!  But this does not mean I don’t have a long Wanderlist to explore practically any reaches of the world.

Specialties:  Luxury & Small Ship Cruising, Europe, California, South Pacific, Custom trips for individual & families, Wine & Food Experiences

Testimonial: All our hotels were perfect at each stop and we feel like we got the best rooms.  (I don’t know how you did it, but we always felt like we had the best rooms, tables, seats, drivers, etc. everywhere we went.) Our transfer from Amalfi, with the stop in Pompeii, was one of the biggest surprises of our trip as we had no idea what to expect there and were fascinated by the ruins and loved learning about all that they had discovered there. Every part of our itinerary went off without a hitch. Trains and planes ran on time and every meal, planned or spontaneous, was lovely. We can’t thank you enough for your help in planning and your wise advice about timing, etc.  We said over and over again “we have to thank Katie when we get home!

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Meet Our Team - Michelle Bemis, CTC - Travel Specialist

Ali Taylor

Asia & Exotic, Southern Europe, and honeymoons

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About me:

My first trip alone was when I went to study abroad in Japan while I was in high school. After that, I was determined to see more of Japan and the world, and after graduating college, I moved to Japan to teach English to elementary school students. During my 6 years there, I traveled extensively throughout Asia and Japan, visiting every prefecture, while supplementing my income with freelance travel writing. Now that I’m back in the Western hemisphere, I’m looking forward to exploring more of the Americas

Favorite Destination:

Obviously Japan holds a special place in my heart, and there are so many other amazing places to see besides Tokyo and Kyoto such as the desert-like sand dunes near Hiroshima, the wild horse reserve to the north, or the southern subtropical islands with 2000 year old cedar forests. Outside of Asia though, I really enjoyed Prague and Helsinki. Both are beautiful cities, albeit very different ones, but I didn’t want to leave either!

Favorite Part of a Trip

I love being able to learn about or experience a new culture, whether it’s listening to locals practice opera in a park in Beijing, hunting for the best egg coffee or pho in Hanoi with a student guide, or learning a traditional dance at a festival in Japan.  While I am someone who likes to get up early to ensure as much sightseeing as possible, I also love getting lost in a new city and just wandering around and seeing where I end up; often you can find amazing things purely by accident!

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Meet Our Team - Katie McCormack Krinkie, CTA - Travel Specialist

Jessica Causer

Hawaii, River Cruising, and Caribbean

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Growing up, I was fascinated with other cultures and foreign countries but didn’t have the opportunity to explore as I would have liked. I spent time researching destinations and planning itineraries for trips I likely wouldn’t take until the future and just like that, I had the travel bug. In 2015, I started traveling internationally and since then, I have been to 26 countries including 5 continents and many islands with Costa Rica, Singapore, Cambodia and France being some of my favorites.

703-762-5053 office

Air Specialists

Helena Herzberg

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What are your favorite places you have visited?

Florence – my all-time best, is forever etched in my memory.

Florence is the epitome of Renaissance art and architecture as well as the center of the Renaissance period in history. Being a history/Renaissance enthusiast, naturally my other picks are Rome and Paris-Versailles. Medieval Castles are also my passion, needless to say, next comes Edinburgh, Sterling, Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva, Old Town Geneva and small quiet towns – Annecy in France. Wondering around the cobblestone streets and the winding stoned stairs and turrets of castles, I felt the spirit of knights, kings and queens and the palace intrigues came to life.…if only the walls could talk!

At McCabe World Travel, I “bring myself along” onto each trip I book for our valued clients.

I put myself in their shoes and asked: “What would Helena want in terms of Service, the Best Routings and the Best Fares?” This motto always works wonders for each and every Traveler of mine.

703-762-5042 office

Ritu Rajpara

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My favorite travel quote speaks volumes on what I feel travel does for the soul, “Traveling it leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.”

I love working in the leisure travel industry because I can help my clients make their dreams come true and add chapters to their life’s story. For me, that’s a great feeling.

My personal favorite travel experiences are when I can get a taste of the local culture, architecture, and history. I love to experience a new city by foot – and that sometimes means coming home to a much-needed foot massage!! But I wouldn’t do it any other way.

While I seem to fall in love with every place I visit, my most memorable journeys have been to Australia and India. In Australia, I was particularly enchanted with “Dining under the Stars” in Uluru. The visibility in this area is astonishing; I felt like I could touch the sky while enjoying the vast twinkling outback vista. India and is partly home to me, but, as a traveler, India offers something new every time I visit.

703-905-8023 office

Travel Associates

Meet Our Team - Ali Taylor - Travel Associates

Alex Ghaemmaghami

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Alex is from Charlottesville, VA and studied International Studies and Political Science at Dickinson College. He has visited more than 20 countries!

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Meet Our Team - Maureen Christ - Travel Associates

Susannah Katz

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Growing up a dual citizen of the US and Austria, a passion for traveling and exploring the world was instilled in me a young age. This was then furthered by my degree in international relations. My primary interest and passion when traveling is to explore the history of the country I’m visiting as well the culture & food. I love to get off the beaten track and see a country through the eyes of the locals.

703-762-5047 office


Meet Our Team - Ali Taylor - Travel Associates

Jordan Sardello

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During a study abroad stint in Spain, I fell in love with the country and immediately began planning my return. I spent the year after graduation in sunny Valencia as an assistant English teacher, where every available weekend was spent traveling to an undiscovered destination. I caught the travel bug so badly that I wanted to find an occupation that fed my love for travel everyday, and McCabe World Travel was the answer!

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Meet Our Team - Maureen Christ - Travel Associates

Noor Gul

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I grew up in New York, being able to visit NYC very often and explore what the city has to offer was so exciting to me! And ever since, I’ve aspired to do the same in other cities all around the world.

703-762-5055 office


Independent Affiliates

Adriana Serritella

Arlington, VA

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In my early 20’s, I fell in love with the quote “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that ‘I had to see the World’, experience new cultures and see all the beautiful sights that I had been reading about since my early teens.

With over 15 years of experience in the travel industry, I remain thrilled to share my passion for travel with clients.

What is the favorite place you have visited?

The impossible question! The beauty I have found in every country is worth mentioning but “some of my favorites have been the South African safari, Machu Picchu Peru, Amalfi Coast Italy and all of the Caribbean and Hawaiian Islands.

What is your favorite mode of transportation?

Whatever it takes to see all there is to see! Flights, cruising, helicopters, and my own two feet walking the cities of Europe or hiking a glacier in Alaska.

What makes you proud?

I’m proud to have chosen a career that allows me to fulfill my desire to see the World and in return share this knowledge with my clients.



We have worked with Adriana for many years in planning our 10-member family vacations. She has always been very pleasant, cooperative, and resourceful with any thoughts or requests we have made. She is an experienced traveler herself, and has made wonderful recommendations for trip destinations and accommodations once we indicated our area of interest; most recently Hawaii (Oahu and Maui), and previously South Africa (safari), the Caribbean (USVI St. Johns), and the Florida Keys. Adriana’s interest in her client’s satisfaction and her attention to ALL details can’t be beat. We would recommend her highly; you won’t be disappointed!


202-997-8183 office


Janet Cugini

Burke, VA

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Travel is so much more than taking a trip. It’s a lesson in history and a taste of unfamiliar foods. It’s an immersion into a foreign culture and new activity tried. It’s an exploration of new areas or a return to a favorite place. And most important, it’s quality time spent with family, friends, and loved ones.

Family travel is a particular passion for me. I understand the special requirements of traveling with children having done so with my now young adult girls since they were little. From road trips across the United States to train trips across Italy; from cruises to Alaska and the Mediterranean to white water rafting in Costa Rica; from island hopping in Hawaii and Greece to safaris in Africa, I have a world of experience behind me. Combining these experiences with our Virtuoso travel network allows me to plan the travel adventure of your dreams!

703-597-8636 office

Bonnie Dunayer

Naples, FL

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As your luxury Wellness and Adventure Travel Advisor, I have spent 25 years in the travel industry specializing in the health/spa space. I am experienced, passionate, and believe in vacation options that are limitless, customized, and relaxing . I would love to help plan your next rejuvenating journey somewhere on the globe.

*In addition to planning luxury travel getaways, I also enjoy planning girlfriends group trips, bachelorette destination weekends and honeymoons.

Me on Virtuoso



301-440-7634 office

Carol Flax

Winchester, VA

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What are your favorite places and experiences?
A few things that stand out in my mind…trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru with my husband and teen sons; being on safari in South Africa; enjoying all things Italy; the beauty of Santorini, Greece; experiencing the wonder of India; cruising the Mediterranean; river cruising through Provence; hiking in Patagonia; and relaxing anyplace with a white sand beach, blue water, and a good book.

What are your hobbies?
In addition to traveling (of course), I like to read, work out, hike, enjoy good food and wine, and spend time with family and friends.

Must pack item?
Lightweight cashmere pashmina – it can be a blanket, pillow, accessory with almost any outfit, or cover my shoulders at a religious or holy site.

What do you love about being a travel professional, and what are your strengths and interests?
I love sharing my passion for experiential travel with others, especially families, honeymoon & anniversary couples, active travelers, and those looking for a luxury experience on a small ship or private tour. My vision and attention to detail combined with the support of our many travel partners allow me to fulfill the travel desires of my clients. What better feeling can there be than knowing I’ve provided opportunities for people to spend their precious time experiencing new cultures, marveling at nature’s beauty, learning about history, relishing new foods, or simply relaxing? Would you like to rappel down a waterfall in Costa Rica, witness the Great Migration in Tanzania, fly over Cappadocia in a hot air balloon, stand atop the Great Wall in China, savor a cooking class in Tuscany, or glide into a small Caribbean port to dine under the stars with the sound of water lapping gently beside you? Whatever your travel dream, live it.


Carol Flax is an outstanding travel advisor. From planning to sending documents before the trip launches, Carol is always available, positive, and totally supportive. Carol has helped me plan many trips, and each one has been superb! I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a person who loves people, travel, and helping to make a trip memorable!


540-665-0909 office

Cristina Gifuni

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Just returned from:

Argentina!  I visited Buenos Aires, a very European-like city with amazing restaurants and shopping.  Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world bordered by the last peaks of the Andes Mountains and by the Beagle Channel and the gateway to Antarctica.  El Calafate, a beautiful village-like city and the gateway to two incredible glaciers – Upsala and Perito Moreno.

What are your favorite places you have visited:

My most recent trip always becomes my favorite place!  From travelling to Dubai or to the Southernmost city in South America, there is always a sense of magic about each destination.

Something we don’t know about you:

As an International travel specialist with a focus on air,  I love a challenge especially from a discerning client…I tend to thrive when I have an opportunity to resolve the most  complicated issues and I can do this with the support of our Virtuoso partners.

Best unplanned event while travelling:

A helicopter ride to the top of the Andes Mountains while in Ushuaia!  A true adrenaline rush!

703-762-5050 office

Ellen Sisser

Bethesda, MD

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I have been a travel professional for more than 40 years as an agent, manager and owner. Vacation travel is my passion, with an emphasis on luxury. I regularly arrange fully independent itineraries, including air, hotels, rail, car rentals and sightseeing all over the world. I take the time to learn your interests and tailor the plan to provide you with the vacation of your dreams.

Destination Specialties:

Escorted and independent tours, Caribbean destinations and all-inclusives, cruises with special shore excursions, luxury travel, honeymoons and destinationworldwide cruises, weddings, family and multi-generational groups, specialty travel for women, spas, villas, Disney and special interests.I specialize in destinations throughout Europe (Italy, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Russia); Western Hemisphere (United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Bermuda, Aruba, Grand Cayman, Cuba, most Caribbean Islands and many countries in South America. I have been on worldwide cruises and I am an Accredited Cruise Counselor.



Ellen is a fantastic resource for anyone planning a trip. She listensto what you want to accomplish and then creates a personalized plan for you. She is our family’s go-to agent whenever we are planning our family trips – Meredith H.


Website: Tiffany Travel Concierge



240-426-0388 office

Judi Glass

Kauai, HI

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Working as a travel advisor for 17 years with Virtuoso and McCabe World Travel has been a dream come true. I travel the world every day as I plan and vicariously experience my clients’ travels. Attention to detail, knowing what works for the unique individual, and insider Virtuoso connections gives my travelers a wonderful ‘time is precious’ vacation. As a former gym teacher, I enjoy keeping active and I am very engaged in yoga and fitness. I would love to help plan your next vacation, whether a brief overnight or extended journey.



Judi was a total professional. Her hotel recommendations were spot-on. The staff at each hotel warmly welcomed us, and treated us to room upgrades, (rooms with spectacular views of the water), champagne, hotel credit and beautiful buffet breakfast. It made us feel like VIP’s, even though we stayed at each location one night. I am typically a DIY travel planner, but no more!

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Jeremy Gurvitch

Washington, DC

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The transformative nature of travel and its special ability to change the way we see the world has always stood out to me. A life-long traveler, I’ve visited dozens of countries and lived on three separate continents. As a reformed attorney, I utilize the same strategic planning, attention to detail, and research skills I honed practicing law to thoughtfully design a travel experience unique to you.

What are your favorite destinations?:
A few that stand out are: jungle trekking in the Amazon, the natural beauty of Switzerland and New Zealand, walking the canals of Amsterdam, the beach clubs of St. Tropez, Japan’s mix of modernity and tradition, the casual romance of Portugal, and annual ski-trips to Colorado!

Packing List:
I never travel without my AirPods, a good book, and a comfy sweatshirt.

Destination Specialties:
Israel, South America, Japan, Western Europe, Bhutan, and Australia/New Zealand.

Website: Elevated Luxury Travel



After contacting Jeremy close to our date of travel, he made what would have felt like a last minute struggle into a seamless experience. After briefly reviewing with Jeremy what type of trip we were looking for, from travel distance to activities and amenities, he presented a number of fabulous options. From the lead up and throughout the trip, Jeremy stayed in contact to ensure any questions or tweaks to our schedule we may have wanted were satisfied. More so, Jeremy had made sure the hotel was familiar with our plans and had set up logistics for the activities that required extra planning. All in all, it was absolutely wonderful working with Jeremy and we plan to do so for our future travel. Adam S. – Los Angeles

June Misner

Edwards, CO

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PO Box 4025, Edwards, CO 81632


I have been in the travel business since 1987 doing corporate and leisure travel, starting with my own agency and then merging with other agencies as the industry constantly changed. Travel is a personal passion and I take great pride and joy in helping people be the collectors of extraordinary experiences across the world.


I have circumnavigated the world twice and it is always difficult to pinpoint one place that has had the most impact. All places have their own unique and varied experiences. The places that come to mind and stand out have been the Galapagos, Nepal, Croatia, Italy, Argentina, Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat, Iceland, Kenya, Jordan, Alaska, Thailand and Australia to name just a few. I am most fortunate to live just outside Vail Colorado as well, enjoying all of the benefits that the mountain high country has to offer, especially skiing!


Being a travel consultant has been my main career. It has taken on various forms depending on my client’s interests. I am very lucky to wake up every morning, doing what I love to do with all the people I have been working with for sometimes over 25 years. It is exciting to help people explore their own various passions and allow me to live vicariously through them when I’m unable to hop on a plane myself! Serving others in their pursuit of experiences across the globe is indescribably gratifying and I am one lucky person to have the skill and matching passion to enable others to fulfill their dreams!

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Kathi Sheridan

McLean, VA

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About me:

I got my first passport when I was two and have been traveling ever since. My father’s job as a pilot took our family all over, including eight years living in Venezuela. The language, people, and spectacular views of the mountains and sea left a lasting impression.

On layovers as a flight attendant in my twenties, I learned how to see a city in less than 24 hours, which has helped tremendously in booking trips for clients who only have a short amount of time to spend. In 2012 I was featured in a Conde Nast article called “Five Perfect days in Dublin and County Clare.” I still get calls from readers requesting the exact trip.

The best part about being a travel consultant is getting to know my clients and personalizing their travel itineraries. Most of the trips I plan are for multi-generational families and small groups, and many are first time travelers to Ireland. I first fell in love with Ireland on a trip with my husband, who was researching his family tree and looking for his grandparents’ homes. I now travel to Ireland frequently and am continually captivated by the green, the charm, and the warm and welcoming Irish people.

Trip of a Lifetime:

Renting Coolclogher House, an 18th century manor home in the west of Ireland, for a mini family reunion. It was big enough for the twelve of us to spread out, make ourselves at home, and experience Irish living at its finest. We were happy relaxing on the expansive property with its sweeping views of the mountains, gardens, and pastures or walking to nearby Killarney Park with its beautiful lakes. We split up to pursue individual interests during the day— golf, horseback riding, shopping in Killarney—and met together for dinner, whether it be one we created from local markets, eaten in the stately dining room, or at one of the many restaurants in town. A driver guide took us on group excursions to the Beara Peninsula, Cork, Kenmare and the Ring of Kerry. It was a unique and memorable way to reconnect with family and experience the beauty of Ireland.

Best Purchase:

I love shopping and buying local products. My last purchase was a beautiful linen scarf at Stable in Dublin. This new shop is very popular and has some very unusual Irish linen and tweed scarfs, hats and wraps. It is located right outside the Westbury Hotel.

I have traveled extensively but my heart is always in Ireland and the United Kingdom. I recently returned from Northern Ireland and I am very excited with all the new changes that have happened in the last few years. This is a great new destination.



The trip to Africa was AMAZING. My sister and I had a wonderful time. We loved the tour group and made some great friendships and memories. The tour was the perfect for us, and the lodges we stayed at were so much nicer than we had expected! It was such a cool experience. You were so helpful and made sure our trip was exactly what we were looking for. Thank you so much! I would love to book more trips with you in the future.

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Kristin Winkaffe

Minneapolis, MN

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About me:

My name is Kristin, and I LOVE to travel. My family always prioritized it above other activities, and our family trips always took us to new and exciting places.  I got a passport and flew to my first adventure before learning to walk, and haven’t stopped moving since. I have traveled to 47 countries and 6 continents, and have a bucket list that just keeps growing. My adventures have taken me to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, through the depths of the ocean in the Galapagos, across the rainforest in the Brazilian and Peruvian Amazon,to tiny food stands in Malaysia, and to a myriad of other exciting, astounding,and breathtaking places.

I formed The Adventure Expert to help others experience the kind of travel that I seek out for myself – unique, off-the-beaten path adventures, that provide good value for money.  While I love the creature comforts in life (and will never say no to a rooftop suite with a private hot tub and a view of a vineyard), I work to ensure that I, and you, are getting the best value for our money. The Adventure Expert’s goal is to reimagine the way travelers feel and experience luxury travel, providing unique itineraries for those who seek adventure in any form.

I view every trip as the start of a new adventure, and hope to work with you to see where your next adventure will take you!

Favorite Travel Quote:

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” – Susan Sontag

One place you could go back to a hundred times:

I absolutely love Cusco, Peru.  I visited in 2015 and got hooked, and actually ended up staying for about a year!  The food, the culture, the affordability, the location right in the middle of the Andes… Everything about it is wonderful!

Best purchase while traveling:

My partner and I LOVE to collect artwork by local artists when we travel.  I am a huge fan of watercolors, but we have also moved into acrylic paintings, carvings, and more!  Looking around our house (when we are not traveling full time) reminds us of all the amazing places we have visited!

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Kristin Wiese

Reston, VA

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Travel has always been a passion of mine, so working in this field is a natural fit for me. My travels have taken me from the Caribbean to Europe to Asia, and many places in between. Personal highlights include Napa Valley, Nantucket, Charleston, St. John (USVI), Capri, Istanbul and Kyoto. So much of a destination’s culture and identity is reflected in its culinary offerings, which is one of my favorite aspects of travel. While I love discovering hot new restaurants, I also seek out hidden gems that are frequented by locals. An excellent meal is often a trip highlight and I always enjoy sharing culinary experiences and favorite dishes from my travels. In November, I look forward to exploring Florence and Tuscany, experiencing the welcoming hospitality of Italy and of course its delicious cuisine!

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Linda Lord

Rockville, MD

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I have been in the travel industry for 35+ years. For 30 years, I traveled the world working in the airline industry. For the past 10 years I have continued my passion for travel by creating special travel memories for my clients while working for McCabe World Travel. Through my extensive contacts with McCabe and Virtuoso and my knowledge of 30+ years of being in the travel industry, I can make a client’s travel dreams a reality. To do this, I take the time to get to know my clients, their individual interests and their preferences. When you plan a trip with me, you don’t have to worry about anything except having a good time!

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Lisa Cohen-Dumani

Bethesda, MD

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Specializing in custom travel to Europe and multi-generational trips.

The Travel Fairy is a full service travel agency, specializing in making your travel dreams come true. Owner, Lisa Cohen-Dumani, is an avid traveler who has spent many years living overseas, travelling abroad and exploring new places. Affiliated as an independent contractor with McCabe World Travel & Virtuoso, the Travel Fairy is able to offer access to the top suppliers in the travel industry.

After many years in the consulting industry and raising her young family, Lisa opened The Travel Fairy in 2010. Drawing on her experiences living in both France and Switzerland, Lisa offers her clients unique perspective when planning travel. Her love of travel and exploring new places has taken her to points around the globe including Thailand, Peru and Russia to name a few.

In addition, Lisa is the mother of four, and she has loads of experience traveling with kids. Paris with kids is not only possible, but recommended when you do it right!

No request is too big or too small. The Travel Fairy is here to ensure that your next trip is magical!

Plan Your Next Getaway



Lisa is a step above any other travel advisor we’ve ever used. She was knowledgeable and insightful, so our hotels, excursions and meals exceeded our expectations. But what separates Lisa from others was her communication and problem solving. She was so on top of every detail and, as a result, we were able to focus solely on enjoying our trip.



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Margret Brinson

Thomasville, GA

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Although I have been working (and constantly learning) as a travel advisor for almost four years, I have been an enthusiastic traveler for many decades. As one of seven children from a U. S. Navy family, travel has always been an important part of my life!

My favorite thing about travel is that every journey – large or small – makes me a more connected and happier citizen of the world and I work hard to empower my clients to experience the same.

Before joining McCabe World Travel as an Independent Consultant, I was the managing editor for an award-winning regional magazine. I live and work in Thomasville, Georgia; my husband owns a tree nursery and our two sons are just about ‘grown and flown’.

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Rhona Wendler

Baltimore, MD

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I have always had a passion for travel. I grew up in Great Britain and traveled throughout Europe as a child with my family. I moved to the USA in my late teens and eventually became an Investment Banker for Morgan Stanley and Alex Brown Associates.

Now I am living my passion and working in the travel industry. I focus on family travel and custom itineraries around the world.



Great trip –amazing place –your attention to details and local knowledge were invaluable –we will definitely be returning to Capri! Thanks again for all your great work here – much appreciated!


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Sigrid Braeckeveldt, CTC

Bedford, TX

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CTC, Destination Specialist Hawaii, Disney College of Knowledge Graduate, Certified Tahiti Specialist, Windstar Cruises Specialist.

I have been a travel consultant for over 25 exciting years!! I grew up in Belgium & traveled extensively in Europe before I moved to the US. I specialized in languages and graduated in Oriental linguistics. However my life took an unexpected turn and landed me in the US, where the travel industry became my true destiny.

I have been very fortunate to explore many parts of our globe including off the beaten path areas such as the Galapagos or the Sea of Cortez.

My love for travel stems from the philosophy of seeing it as a gift to yourself which creates lifetime memories. Realizing how little vacation time we have makes it even more important for me to know that you are spending your hard earned funds in the right destination.

My main passion is to grow along with my clients, to really get to know your likes and dislikes, to listen to what you envision and to use my personal insight & globetrotting experiences to enhance your next travel adventures!


Sigrid has been planning our trips for over 15 years! She is incredibly detailed oriented, knowledgeable and well-traveled – which translates in to pure perfection when it comes to our travel. She understands our vision and anticipates every need whether it is a subtle detail or big impact activity/location etc. She continues to raise the bar …and most importantly she listens to us, knows us …and gets us. We are forever grateful for so many memories and moments over the years that she has created for us and our entire, extended family and friends. Sigrid is a jewel, a gift – and has enhanced our lives on so many levels. Thank you, Sigrid – for your professionalism, your wisdom, your heart!

817-494-3373 office

Wayne Muhlstein

Fairfax, VA

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Visit Wayne’s website

What is your favorite place?

Cities! Could it be I was born and raised in New York? You never ask, “are we there yet,” because you have already arrived.

At an outdoor café in the Recoleta neighborhood in Buenos Aires, I sipped my espresso and thought “How could this have all been going on my whole life and I just now find out about it?!”

Buenos Aires has the energy of New York, the sensuality of Miami South Beach, and all wrapped with European brio!

Best purchase on travel?

Lesson learned from traveling the world: When on vacation and you see something you want. Buy it or you will regret it.

Lori (my wife) and I have bragging rights to cool eyewear from Budapest and Lori found a one-of-a-kind necklace at a boutique in the Marais. But the most awesome buy – my handcrafted leather luggage bag – truth be told, I had to make a special trip back to the store before heading to the airport, because…

Something we don’t know about you.

I’ve lost 80 pounds and keeping it off for 28 years! The thought of asking for airline seat belt extenders and regularly leading Weight Watchers meetings keeps my weight maintenance in check.

I’ve traveled over 1 million miles and enjoyed memorable meals at every destination (we have the cook books for most). The opportunity to be part of your next travel experience is just a conversation away. Let me show you the world I love.



Wayne is the ultimate professional. Knowledgeable, responsive and most of all personal. My family and I had a spectacular vacation to Spain. As first-time international travelers as a family, Wayne took the time to find out what we were interested in doing, seeing, eating and then put together a first-class trip that we will always remember. You don’t know what you don’t know. Don’t take the chance on missing out on an even better vacation experience – Talk to Wayne!

Wayne’s Blog



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